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Plant Guarantee


At Newbridge Nurseries we guarantee all of our outdoor hardy plants that are bought in-store for a period of two years, providing that they have received good care and our expert advice has been followed.


Our staff are more than happy to give gardening advice on any aspect and if you have any problems with a plant that you have recently bought you can get further advice by contacting us either in-store by telephone on 01403 272686 or alternatively by email.


Our plant guarantee does unfortunately exclude any plants bought that are tender as well as seasonal plants such as bedding, along with plant purchases on clearance.


Terms and Conditions

"Newbridge Nurseries Garden Centre guarantee the free replacement or credit of any container-grown hardy plant which dies, providing it has received good care, bears the original plant label and is presented for examination, with proof of purchase, within two years. We cannot be held accountable for plants that die due to un-seasonal weather conditions."