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In our Indoor Plant Section we have a colourful range of Houseplants, from our favourite St paulia’s and Spathiphyllum to the more contemporary stephanotis, anthurium, Gardenia and of course the spectacular selection of Orchids.


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Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants


Nearly all the bedding plants we sell at Newbridge Nurseries are grown on our own Nursery at Rudgwick, five mile away from the Garden Centre. This very short distance means fresh stocks of plants can arrive daily in the busy season. We work very close with our growers at the Nursery in making sure they grow exactly what you want.

RosesThe quality is of paramount importance and with controlled release fertilizer being added to the compost insures the plants never arrive hungry and stressed. They are grown under modern glasshouses in maximum light conditions keeping them short and tough and hardened up before delivery to ourselves.

Most bedding plants will tolerate some levels of frost, with those more hardy subjects like Antirrhinums , Pansies and Sweet Peas being available from March, with more tender species being delivered thereafter as the weather improves.

PetuniaTender species like Begonias and Ageratum should not be planted out until the fear of frost is totally over, which can be in May.

Over the years we have seen the Bedding plants grown in various containers and sizes with the majority of them now being planted into Tubs and Hanging Baskets, quite different to the large flower beds twenty years ago.

We started growing bedding plants in the early sixties where the majority were sold through green grocers, market traders and a few garden shops. It was not until the seventies that Garden Centres staredt to appear and become the main outlets for growers such as ourselves.

WalllflowerThey were first grown in wooden seed trays with about fifty plants to a box and would have been separated out by the trader and placed carefully in newspaper for the customer to take home. A few years later a vacuum formed liner was produced as an inset into the wooden seed tray, allowing the retailer to easily separate the tray into five units for the customer to take home.

Polystyrene trays replaced the wooden trays and are largely used today by most growers with a range of unit sizes to suit their customers preference.

Over the years as labour has become more expensive, we have seen the plant count reduced per tray in favour of larger more established plants with instant colour and the introduction of sophisticated machinery or transplanting machines which have increased the rate in the seventies from 20 boxes transplanted per hour by one person to over 200 boxes per person per hour.

WallflowersBedding PlantsBedding Plants are available to buy for twelve months of the yea,r although there are two main planting seasons when the majority are sold. The Spring is when they are required most and will go on and flower throughout the summer until the frosts appear in the Autumn.

The other main planting season is the Autumn, when these spring planted species are removed and replaced with winter hardy species like Pansies, Polyanthus and Wallflowers. Although these species are usually available in the early spring in flower for those that have not chosen to plant out in the Autumn.

Bedding Plants PansiesWhenever planting bedding plants always water the plants well before planting and prepare the border well before planting by digging in some organic fertilizer like Blood, Fish and Bone. This will revitalise the hungry border soil and give your new plants the best possible start. Always water the plants in after planting and continually water throughout the summer as required. Removing any dead flowers will promote new buds and ensure continuous flowering into the Autumn.

Bedding Plants PrimulaThe majority of Bedding plants are now planted into containers and Hanging Baskets. Always use new compost as this contains fertilizer and the removal of old stale compost will often remove any pests that may have been overwintering in the compost.

It is important to continually feed and water your containers throughout the summer as well as removing any dead flowers. The addition of a slow release fertilizer at the time of planting like Osmocote or Miricle Grow controlled release. It can often be mistaken for the eggs of a pest when found in a larger plant as the fertilizer is released leaving the outer shell in tact.

Controlled released fertilizer can also be purchased in a tablet form which is convenient to push into an establish container or basket throughout the summer to give them a new lease of life.


Bedding Plant Geranium BullseyeBullseye SalmonThose species which more suitable for containers and Hanging Baskets are sometimes called Patio Plants, with the majority being produced from cuttings rather than seed. Many of them have a trailing habit like the very popular Petunia Surfinia and Trailing Fuchsia.

PrimrosesMost bedding plant species thrive in full sun with the exception of Fuchsia who prefer some shade . If you are unsure of what species are best to plant in your situation, do not hesitate to ask one of the many experts we have here at Newbridge Nurseries.

Bedding plants are fantastic value for money, relatively easy to grow and if looked after will flower for many weeks of the year something very little other plants will do.